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"Elite Translations Asia is the best which I have come across over 20 years in Asia. I am happy with the fast turnaround time. The quality of translation was good. My partner in China would always do the checking and rarely changes were made. I highly recommended Elite Translations Asia and the company is listed on my highly preferred vendor list."

Ms. Melinda Earsdon - Oanda Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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"Elite Interpreters Asia has an amazing set of people. They are highly professional. There is nothing to complain about."

Mr. Anubha Upadhyay - Google

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"They have been a frequent partner we work with. I strongly agree that the quotation was provided to me promptly and the work delivered is good."

Mr. Quek Chin Kiat - Nickelodeon Asia

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"It was a pleasure to work with the team at Elite Interpreters Asia as they were flexible and responded quickly to our requirements. The fee is at a competitive price and they have delivered good service."

Ms. Yoko Wakui - Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd