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About Us

Our Story

TRANSLASIA is a strong partner for any business operating outside their home country. A deep understanding of language and culture is what fortifies TRANSLASIA’s grasp on the business world in Asia.

Anchored on sound business tenets and steadfast Asian values, TRANSLASIA propels business growth and success by connecting organisations with new networks and forming solid relationships through clear and unambiguous communication. With providing Hybrid Localisation, Multilingual Marketing, Translation and Interpreting services in Asia, TRANSLASIA helps businesses cross cultural barriers deliberately and meticulously so that doing business in new countries feels like doing business at home.


Our Milestones


Hong Yin Yin founded Elite Asia in Singapore. English and Chinese translation was the main service.


Elite Interpreters Services Pte Ltd was incorporated to offer business interpreting and related services.

  • Elite Bilingual Services and Elite Interpreters Services were rebranded as Elite Asia, and started to expand in the region.
  • Elite Asia set foot in Malaysia.

Elite Asia began to handle major interpreting projects such as government forums and regional corporate conferences.


Elite Asia set foot in Hong Kong.

  • Elite Asia was ranked among The Top 30 Largest Language Service Provider in Asia by Common Sense Advisory.
  • Elite Asia had joined the American Translators Association.
  • Elite Asia had obtained   ISO 9001 certification to provide quality service.
  • Elite Asia had received Work-Life Excellence Award by TAFEP in Singapore.
  • Elite Asia celebrated 10th Year Anniversary.
  • The group had completed more than 20,000 projects over 26 countries in the last decade.

TRANSLASIA Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated, with Elite Asia and AISA Digital under its wing.

  • AISA Digital Pte Ltd was incorporated to offer massive localisation for Asian markets via AI+People Solutions.
  • AISA Digital had joined the Japan Translation Federation.
  • AISA Digital was invited to exhibit at CEATEC in Tokyo, and had participated in 7 B2B exhibitions in Asia.

TAKARA & COMPANY from Japan invested in TRANSLASIA.

Our Awards & Accolades

Our Core Values


In life and in business, there will always be challenges to hurdle. In order to keep one’s goals within reach, clarity of vision is required. This is the first step. Strength comes when the focus is steady, and paths straighten when the goals are clear.


As the business relationships grow from having a common vision, being honest in the process, and sharing in the responsibility of the work at hand, trust is a requirement in building something that will last. Trustworthiness is the tie that binds progressive business partners and the means by which the relationships are fortified.


When partnering in any endeavour, having clear common goals sets a winning trend. Transparency, as exemplified by openness regarding strengths and challenges, is the cornerstone in any successful venture. Where there is honesty between business partners, it is easier to move forward in progress.


When goals are set and tasks are known, and there is surety and focus in vision, it is much easier to proceed with conviction. Even as unexpected or unforeseen obstacles arise, decisions can be made and footsteps can be certain. it is possible to forge ahead and accomplish what needs to be done when the conviction is strong.


Strong foundations laid through clarity of purpose and direction as well as honesty in the tasks at hand results in better collaboration between partners. Whether the tasks are predominantly logistic in nature or largely creative in essence, both parties being equally present in collaboration leads to more ground covered and greater heights achieved.

Our Leadership

Yin Yin Hong

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Senior Operations Manager

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Senior Business Development Manager

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Finance Manager

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